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  • Sound insulation of K-FONIK ST GK
Sound insulation of K-FONIK ST GK
  • Sound insulation of K-FONIK ST GK

Sound insulation of K-FONIK ST GK

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Sound insulation of K-FONIK ST GK


K-FONIK ST GK is the complex material representing the two-layer system consisting of 2 mm of a layer of rubber of high weight and the damping layer of soft rubber of porous structure. Material, depending on thickness of the damping layer differs with K-FONIKST GK 074 (2 mm a weight layer / 4 mm the damping substrate), K-FONIK 072 (2 mm a weight layer / 10 mm the damping substrate) K-FONIK ST GK 70 (2 mm a layer of weight of/16 mm the damping substrate). The material K-FONIK ST GK ST 074 contains a layer of high density rubber of 2 mm, between two damping layers on 3 mm.

Thanks to very high soundproofing effect, material found broad application in quality:

  • Sound insulation of ventilating installations -
  • Sound insulation of internal drains and sewerage, pipelines
  • Sound insulation of ceilings, walls, floors
  • Sound insulation of cases of the equipment

At installation both mechanical fastening, and gluing is possible. It is made also with a ready glue layer (AD). Forms the dense soundproofing cocoon, effective in a wide range of frequencies.

Technical characteristics

Material type The made foam rubber in combination with elastomer of high density
Index of sound insulation (Rw) 26 dB
Heat conductivity 0,036 Watt (m • j)
Classification by fire safety Class 0,BS 476, part 6/7, G2
Temperature range - 40 +100 °C
Panel dimensions 2000 x1000 in sheets
Thickness from 6, 12, 18 mm
Color Black

Purpose of material Sound insulation
Information is up-to-date: 19.09.2018

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