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  • Tube of energoflex proect S 6x15
Tube of energoflex proect S 6x15
  • Tube of energoflex proect S 6x15

Tube of energoflex proect S 6x15

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Country of manufacture:Russia

Tube of energoflex proect S 6x15

Technical thermal insulation from the made foam Energoflex® Super polyethylene is ideal for effective warm, Paro - and noise isolations of pipes of various diameter, capacities and fittings in systems of water supply and heating, the sewerage, and also the protecting designs. Material of products of racks to hostile environment, has the increased durability, moisture resistance and durability, effectively reduces thermal losses and structural noise, protects the surface of the equipment from condensate and corrosion, interferes with freezing of the heat carrier during the set time.
At application of thermal insulation of Energoflex® Super in buildings and constructions there is no need for use of paroizolyatsionny and integumentary layers.
Environmentally friendly material, is safe during the work, does not demand means of personal protection.
It is made in the form of tubes and sheets.
The main
The producer - Energoflex
Country producer Russia
Material supply form Roll
Type of the main raw materials Inorganic
Additional characteristics
Covering Without covering
Country of manufacture:Russia
Information is up-to-date: 08.02.2018

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